Mini Wand Kaleidoscope (3 mirror) - Spalted Maple by Dan Land

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Mini Wand Kaleidoscope - 3 mirror Spalted Maple Wood by Dan Land

Beautifully handcrafted Mini Wand Kaleidoscopes by Dan Land with an oil filled wand containing colored sands, stars, and other glitter. Hold the tube vertically and watch through the eye piece as the objects flow from the top to the bottom of the wand and make "fireworks". When the movement has stopped just flip the scope over and start again.
The scopes are approximately 4-3/4" x 2" with a 6" wand. 
Photos and video are shown with a metallic pink wand.  Select one of our many wand colors to complete your purchase.  Extra wands are also available here for $4.50 each. 

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