Orie Ishii, Rainbow Caravan - Japan

orie-ishii.jpgOrie Ishii, Rainbow Caravan, is a bohemian artist whose creative endeavors include stained glass art, sweet cake baking and design, henna body art and kaleidoscopes.  Everything she creates is routed in the richness of nature and living with the natural beauty around us all.   

Each handmade kaleidoscope by Orie Ishii, Rainbow Caravan, is designed and created to receive the sun's energy through your eyes.  Oil kaleidoscopes are designed to capture sunlight beautifully from the side, and dry types from the bottom.  Interior objects are carefully chosen natural materials such as hand formed glasses, crystals, quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, corals and seashells to absorb the beautiful colors and the energy of nature into your world.