Teleidoscope 'Disco Dandelion' in Silver by Marc Tickle

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Teleidoscope Disco Dandelion - newly designed in the Spring of 2019 by Marc Tickle

This extraordinary and sizable glass teleidoscope is unlike any other and has been cited as Marc's best work ever!! 

The image in this teleidoscope is made from 4 tapered reflective surfaces, including dichroic mirror, in a three mirror tapered system. Think of a psychedelic dandelion, it looks like that! 

The dynamic imagery will change dramatically as it enters differing light sources and intensities, as can be seen in the photos taken through the same scope. The scope has a small crystal sphere inside the scope that interacts with the viewer's viewing experience when tilted up and down.

The optics are perfect and the exterior long glass tube is elegantly lined with shiny silver paper containing an octagon pattern.  

Measures 13-1/4" long by 2" in diameter with two attached glass knob feet at the glass orb end.

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