Teleidoscope - 'Paradox' in Glass by Marc Tickle (pink)

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Teleidoscope - 'Paradox' in Glass by Marc Tickle

Marc continues to amaze us with his newest (fall 2019) design appropriately named Paradox.  The interior imagery created by this teleidoscope is made from a single mirror system that is part 2-mirror and part 3-mirror.

The imagery inside will appear as a distinct single sphere of kaleidoscopic imagery surrounded by a distinct second set of kaleidoscopic imagery offering a tunnel effect.  Point the glass orb end around the room, at the television or a non-static computer screen and you'll be delighted with the dynamic imagery created by this unique design.

The optics are perfect and the exterior long glass tube is elegantly lined with artwork created by Marc's wife Jessie using paint on alcohol paper.    

Measures 12" long by 2" in diameter with two attached glass knob feet at the glass orb end.

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