Teleidoscope - 'Rocket' in wood by Dan Land

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Teleidoscope - 'Rocket' in wood handcrafted by Dan Land

Such a fun and whimsical teleidoscope handcrafted into the shape of a rocket!  

A teleidoscope has a mirror system like a kaleidoscope, but instead of an object at the end that you manipulate in some way, it has a clear orb that turns everything it is pointed toward into a kaleidoscopic view. With a teleidoscope, the world is your image! If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive handcrafted scope, a teleidoscope is a great option because of its simplicity in design.

And, you can align the eye piece with the lens of a cell phone camera or digital camera to take kaleidoscope images of your new world! 

Stand 4-1/2" tall and 1-1/2" wide at the base.  If you have a preference for wood type please let us know in your order notes and we will do our best to accommodate your request.