Teleidoscope - Stainless Steel - Large by Marc Tickle

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An optically impressive teleidoscope in Stainless Steel by Marc Tickle.  Teleidoscopes allow us to view the environment turning our surroundings into kaleidoscopic images. Wherever you are, indoors or out, the intricacies of the environment are revealed through a teleidoscope. 

The ends have eyepieces that are large enough to align with the camera lens of your cell phone, allowing you to photograph or even videotape anything or anyone as a kaleidoscope mandala!

With perfect optics and elegant exteriors, these teleidoscopes create lovely yet budget mindful gifts.  8" long x 1-1/4" in diameter, with two attached glass knob feet.

Available in a 60-60-60, 45-45-90 or a 2 mirror system.