Teleidoscope - 'Supreme in Zebra Wood' by Armando Perri

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Handcrafted in Switzerland, Armando Perri turns his teleidoscopes from a single block of carefully selected precious wood.  He adds a delicate and highly detailed spiraling technique to the wood making each piece unique and one of a kind.  

This teleidoscope has a high quality surface 3-mirror system.  The patterns are bright and clear without any distortion. With a teleidoscope, you look through the mirrors and the world around you becomes a kaleidoscope image.  Look at a tree and it creates beautiful green patterns.  Look at a small ant and see multiple views of it.

This teleidoscope is his Supreme size, measuring at 10" long and 2" in diameter at the ball end tapering to 1-1/2" at  the eye piece end.  Each teleidoscope comes with its own stand in a matching or complimentary wood and arrives packaged in a black felt bag.