Vintage Kaleidoscope - Eyegames III by Skeeter and Peter DeMattia

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Vintage Kaleidoscope - Eyegames III by Skeeter and Peter DeMattia

From the Joie de Vivre collection*, this is Eyegames III by the DeMattia's.  

Skeeter and Peter DeMattia are a husband and wife team who have created some of the most unique kaleidoscopes in the world.  They have created thousands of kaleidoscope during their career starting with glass and metal as their preferred medium and then moving to art-like kaleidoscopes constructed from found objects or everyday items (think Coke cans and beer bottles) in the most imaginative ways.  

This handheld kaleidoscope by the DeMattia's is named Eyegames III.  It is made in the shape of a triangle from three pieces of whispy blue stained glass.  The object cell is a traditional dry cell containing small bits of glass against a textured background.  The interesting thing about Eyegames is that inside the glass body you'll find a handful of loose beads and a dexterity puzzle!  The loose beads tumble around and add to the beautiful kaleidoscopic images created by the internal 2 mirror system.  To complete the dexterity puzzle, roll the small beads into the tiny holes cutout until you fill each hole with a bead.  The result is a wonderful feeling of success and a beautiful halo of beads surrounding the mandala.  This is a very unique kaleidoscope!

Approximately 10" long by 2" on each side.  

*From 1984 to 2020, Linda Given succeeded to bring a little more "joie" to the world from her retail store Joie de Vivre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Joie de Vivre was well known for its delightful, clever, beautiful, original and just plain wacky gift items ~ and for its wonderful collection of handcrafted and artistic kaleidoscopes.  Joie de Vivre closed its doors in November 2020 after 36 wonderful years.  We are honored to bring Linda's remaining inventory to you here.  Please continue to check back in as we work to get all the scopes photographed and posted to this area. These are vintage kaleidoscopes that were on display in the store and do show signs of wear.