Vintage Kaleidoscope - Wood by Marilyn Endress

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Vintage Kaleidoscope - Wood by Marilyn Endress 

From the Joie de Vivre collection*

A medium brown wooden handheld kaleidoscope with brass and glass end pieces by Marilyn Endress.  Inside you'll find a 3 mirror system for a full field of kaleidoscopic imagery.  The oil filled object cell contains glass, gems, and beads in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  

Approximate size is 11 inches long by 2 inches in diameter. 

*From 1984 to 2020, Linda Given succeeded to bring a little more "joie" to the world from her retail store Joie de Vivre in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Joie de Vivre was well known for its delightful, clever, beautiful, original and just plain wacky gift items ~ and for its wonderful collection of handcrafted and artistic kaleidoscopes.  Joie de Vivre closed its doors in November 2020 after 36 wonderful years.  We are honored to bring Linda's remaining inventory to you here.  Please continue to check back in as we work to get all the scopes photographed and posted to this area. These are vintage kaleidoscopes that were on display in the store and do show signs of wear.