Dan Land, Arris Studios

Arris Studios | Knoxville, Tennesseedan.jpg

We were very happy to meet Dan when he exhibited at the 2015 Convention of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society, an international group of kaleidoscope artists, retailers and collectors who meet annually in different cities around the U.S.

Dan is a master woodworker and a member of the East Tennessee Woodworker’s Guild and the Smoky Mountain Wood-carvers Association. He handcrafts his kaleidoscopes from a wide variety of local Appalachian hardwoods.

Dan says, “When I first learned how to make kaleidoscopes, the most fascinating part of the process for me was adding the magic. It was amazing how adding a little more of this color or that shaped object changed the image.” His beautiful and affordable kaleidoscopes are available in a multitude of wood combinations and mirror systems. He also signs and dates each of his kaleidoscopes, making them great gifts.