Joanne Jacobs, Fantasy GlassWorks

Fantasy GlassWorks | West Hampstead, NY

Joanne started playing the piano at four, graduating with a degree in Classical Performance from Queens College. She played in many original and cover bands, and for many colorful personalities. But one night, on the way home from a late gig, she spotted a stained glass lamp in a shop window. It inspired her to create beautiful stained glass art. By 1987, she started making kaleidoscopes, and they sold out immediately at her craft fairs. She eventually became the featured artist several times at the Lincoln Center Crafts Festival in New York City.

Joanne has an innate color sense, knowing how to mix the right combinations of hue and texture. Her images are bright, big and full in every sense. They fill the mirrors with bold and vibrant images. She credits Walt Disney, Claude Monet, Marc Chagall and Japanese wood block prints as her major art influences.

If you don't see the "Add to Cart" button for the item you want below, please contact us about special ordering it. Keep in mind that they are all handcrafted, and take more time to create than manufactured items. They may appear slightly different in color and/or pattern than the photos below of the ones we had in stock in the past. This can be based on the artist's current supply of glass at the time of ordering, where they may cut the pieces of glass on a large sheet of shifting patterns, and of course, their expert, artistic choice.