Sue Rioux, Sue Rioux Designs

rioux.jpgSue Rioux Designs | Kennebunk, Maine

Sue Rioux has been pursuing artistic endeavors from a very young age. She started as a water-colorist, literally selling her paintings at local art shows starting at age nine. This experience taught her critical color theory she uses to this day. She moved on to creating stained glass art of all kinds for many years. But she found her true niche designing and creating award-winning glass kaleidoscopes. Her creativity seems to have no bounds, with exquisite oil-cell kaleidoscopes, as well as her signature stained-glass barrel styles, all copper soldered and decorated with special glass details. She works from her home studio, surrounded by the nature that inspires her.

In March 2021, Sue expanded her business to include Chesnik Scopes, which she took over from Jon Greene upon his retirement after 30 years with the Chesnik line.  Chesnik Scopes were founded by Jon's mother Janice Chesnik and her husband Ray in 1980.  The Chesnik line of brass and chrome wheeled scopes remain popular today for their artistic beauty, classic style and unisex appeal.

Customer comments:  I just finished opening the box containing the two Sue Rioux kaleidoscopes.  Both of them are gorgeous and must haves for anyone that collects kaleidoscopes.  Sue has certainly perfected the kaleidoscope with both a two and three mirror image inside.  I now have twenty-nine Sue Rioux scopes in my collection!!   Thanks, R.B.