Peggy & Steve Kittelson, Woodland Designs

kittleson.jpgWoodland Designs | Clermont, Iowa

Peggy & Steve Kittelson have been creating fine handcrafted kaleidoscopes since 1986. They are known for their classic 2-mirror kaleidoscope imagery, and 3-mirror systems as well.  The exteriors of their kaleidoscopes consist of Steve's hand-turned wooden styles, as well as their fused and slumped glass styles, all highly collectible and featuring finely machined metal turning ends.

Peggy and Steve create the highest quality optical illusions, defined by the incredible display of miniature glass sculptures found in the object chambers. The glass pieces that peacefully float in their oil-cell chambers are individually lamp worked by Peggy, and often include a metallic or dichroic glass piece that, when it comes into view, makes the interior image appear to be lit from within. The Kittelsons' kaleidoscopes are among the most collectable handcrafted kaleidoscopes available today.