Chikako Ishida - Japan

Chikako Ishida is a figurative artist specializing in mirror and glass. 

While studying art in the 1980's at Aichi University of Education, she was given a French kaleidoscope.  It was of simple construction, a basic black tube with pieces of cut plastic at its tip.  However, when she gazed inside, amazing abstract paintings appeared. 

She began working on kaleidoscopes in 2002 and her fascination with the kaleidoscope has driven her creativity. The two dynamic qualities which best embody her craft are explained:

Unpredictability ~ Contrast of the simple outward appearance of the kaleidoscope itself to the beautiful geometric patterns inside.  Repeated reflections of mere objects reveal gorgeous images visible only through a small scope.  

A Different World ~ Private enjoyment in the palm of your hand.  Different worlds can suddenly appear, like celestial skies, underwater seascapes, or nostalgic flower gardens... Forgotten scenes and feelings will surface and touch the depths of your soul.