Kaleidoscope - 'World in a Tube' by Chikako Ishida

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Chikako Ishida's "World in a Tube" 

The clear acrylic body of the kaleidoscope allows you to see the tapered 3-mirror system contained within.  At the bottom of the tube are small pieces of dichroic film, reminiscent of folded origami, and tiny pieces of blue glass.  The eye piece end is covered with a thin layer of soft cork.

As you rotate the scope in your hand and your surroundings - you create an amazing interior light show as light reflects off both the dichroic film as well as your surrounding in similar fashion to a teleidoscope.  

The scope measures 8" tall by 1" in diameter and comes with its own acrylic stand measuring 2" by 2-3/8" at the base and 2-1/2" tall.