If you were particularly pleased with our service and offerings, please Contact Us, we'd love to include your comments here. We always seek to improve our service to better serve the needs and preferences of you, our dear customers. Thanks very much. We look forward to fulfilling your kaleidoscopic dreams again in the near future!                                                               Lisa Hill, Cape Kaleidoscopes


November 2021 - My purchase, “Through the Keyhole” by Sue Rioux, arrived and it is magnificent! The kaleidoscope is a beautiful work of art. Thank you for packaging the piece so well and shipping so quickly. I could not be happier with my purchase! 
C.F., Batavia, Ohio
June 2021 - Just wanted to let you know that I gifted the 2 high school graduation kaleidoscopes yesterday and they were an out-of-the-ballpark hit!!! Their parents just loved them and thought they were such a thoughtful gift. Many of the people present took down your information to contact you with a future order!!! One of the moms said, "You're so creative with your gifts!" Hope you reap the benefits of my order!
J.S., Ashburn, VA
January 2021 - I just wanted say that I was blown away by the experience that I had purchasing a kaleidoscope from you from your online shop. The kaleidoscope is magnificent.  I purchased Roy Cohen’s large flower tunnelscope. It’s unlike anything I could’ve imagined (incredible beauty) and your price was far better than any other competition.  I was able to take the kaleidoscope into my third grade classroom and show my students. They thought it was quite an exciting experience for them. Some of the children were filled with an unexplainable delight.  You should have seen their faces.  I’m hoping to come back soon to purchase another scope and I just wanted everyone to know how impressed I was. I hope that others will support your small business so that we can have treasures like this in the future. Thank you for packaging the item so well when you shipped it so that it wouldn’t be damaged.  I’m looking at acquiring one of the seashell kaleidoscopes when they come back in.
C.Y., Perkin, IL
December 2020 - Your kaleidoscopes are awesome! We ordered two different ones each for our grown children and their families to enjoy. Each are totally unique and amazing. Thank you for fast shipment during the Christmas holidays. We know each kaleidoscope will become family treasures.
P.W., Phoenix, AZ
November, 2020 - Hi Lisa-I just wanted to let you know how much I love the kaleidoscope. I was going to save it for Chanukah, but I was too excited and gave it to my daughter last night! She was amazed too! I posted pics and your info on the virtual mitzvah facebook page. Thanks again-it’s really such a beautiful work of art!  Happy Thanksgiving,
D.C., Rye Brook, NY
November 2020 - This review is for "Karonascope — In Yellow — 3/15" by Charles Karadimos. Let me begin by saying that I’m a kaleidoscope junkie — I love kaleidoscopes! However, in Kaleidoworld, there’s only one artist, that, in my opinion, actually makes “kaleidoscopes”, not unusual, optical instruments, and he is Charles Karadimos! He is the world’s premiere kaleidoscope artist — bar none!  All glass, hand made, collectible spectacles of wonder, with infinitely random patterns, and tumble, color, shape, and texture, all balanced to perfection, inside, and out! I have purchased 11 of his works, thus far, and review him as “Highly Recommended” to anyone seeking an exclusive gift, or a treasure beyond comparison for themselves.Cape Kaleidoscopes has treated me wonderfully!
"I purchased Karonascope — In Blue — 5/15", from Cape Kaleidoscopes as well, and report that shipping was nearly instantaneous each time, with my kaleidoscopes packaged very safely, arriving on time, and in immaculate condition! You need NOT fear buying high end instruments from these folks — they know how to do their job, and will make your experience most rewarding — and, they add a nice little hand-written note along with your invoice!  Mr. Karadimos's work is expensive, however, when you purchase the best, you should expect to pay a price commensurate with the levels of skill, materials, time, design, etc. that reflect the measure of involvement, by the artist, in the merchandise you’re purchasing. Mr. Karadimos is not a manufacturer, he’s an artist, with each piece being numbered, dated, and signed by the artist. No two are exactly alike, inside, or out. He makes perfect, contemporary Brewster-styled kaleidoscopes that will mesmerize you for hours. . . if you will allow them to!  Right now, Mr. Karadimos has a new edition for the marketplace entitled “RBG”, and it is temptingly gorgeous! If you’re looking for a kaleidoscope, a “real" kaleidoscope, treat yourself to the best — you’re worth it, and, you only live once! Enjoy!
D.&J.B., Clifton, CO
October 2020 - Awesome service.  I cannot fault Cape Kaleidoscopes. The order was processed extremely quickly and was soon on a plane across the pond. The Kaleidoscope was packaged very well and arrived without any damage. I look forward to seeing my wife opening her present at Christmas. I would certainly recommend Cape Kaleidoscopes.
D.G., United Kingdom
August 2020 - It arrived!!! I love it sooo much, its incredible. The visuals are so sharp and flowy, its so much more than i was expecting. Thank you Lisa!!
B.H., Melbourne, Australia
June 2020 - We are very happy with the scope I purchased for my wife she was and is very happy with it!!! Thank you for your help and good work we will be back to buy another one.
J.L., Monroe, GA
June 2020The scope arrived yesterday!  I’ve had such a busy day I haven’t had a chance to write until now. It looks great!  I’m super happy.  Thank you.
J.M. Vancouver, BC
June 2020 -  She says it's the most beautiful kaleidoscope she's ever seen.  Thanks for your help.  It arrived right on time.
L.L.,  Fresno, CA 
May 2020 - I just wanted to let you know that both of the Hiroshi Wakabayoshi (Mandala 10 point in oil and dry cell) kaleidoscopes arrived in perfect condition yesterday. They are beautiful inside and out! They are so calming and exciting at the same time. :) Thank you so much for supporting the artists and allowing new collectors like myself to share something so meaningful and inspiring!  
R.E., Deerfield, WI
April 2020 - Hi there! The bat mitzvah girl got her kaleidoscope today and absolutely loves it! Thanks so much! 
L.G.  Columbia, MD
March 2020 - Hello!  I just wanted to say how happy I am with my first Sue Rioux kaleidoscope. Looking at it every day during these hard times reminds me of the intrinsic harmony present even in the midst of ongoing and persistent change. Happy to be ordering another.  Stay safe. 
P.L.  Houston, TX
March 2020 - Thanks for the beautiful scopes and quick delivery! 
S.Z. Brooklyn, NY

November 2019 - Thanks so much for all your patience in helping me make a final decision. I'm sure my Grandson will enjoy the gift as will my son ... in fact, maybe even more so!

B.S., Chatsworth, CA
May 2019 - Thank you so very much! Hooray! Purple is my number one, all time favorite color! I was disappointed when I was seemingly unable to place that wand in my cart. I greatly appreciate you looking into the stock and discovering that there was a purple available after all! Truly, I am elated! Your diligence made my day! What fabulous customer attentiveness! 
L.C., Breckenridge, CO
February 2019 -  I received great customer service very promptly on an out of stock item. E.G., Chesapeake, VA
December 2018 - I received my order yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased!  Thanks for your careful packing - the kaleidoscope arrived in perfect condition.  This is a Christmas gift for my wife and I know that she will be thrilled with it.  The Kittelson's craftsmanship and attention to detail are stunning.  It is a pleasure to do business with a company that is still focused on service and quality.  

Minneapolis, MN

November 2018 - No better place ever to get a gorgeous kaleidoscope.  Also, customer service may astound you, it's that great!
L.N., Monroeville, PA
September 2018 - Thank you, Lisa.  You have had outstanding customer service!
P.P., Daniel Island, SC
July 2018 - I ordered 8 custom kaleidoscopes as bridesmaid gifts for my wedding. From start to finish Lisa at Cape Kaleidoscopes was amazing. She and artist Jon Greene took on my vision for personalized scopes with custom colors, materials and characteristics built into each wheel to reflect the unique personalities of my bridal party and Mom. I could not have imagined a better result! Everyone was so touched and impressed with the beautiful craftsmanship and execution of the personalized scopes.  Jon Greene completed beautiful, custom work on a tight timeline and made this project a gorgeous reality. I also ordered one more small wheel scope from Sheryl Koch, whose work was also awesome and high quality.  Cape Kaleidoscopes is a first class shop, with excellent customer service and artistry. They exceeded all of my expectations - I highly recommend them!
K.V., Denver, CO
May 2018 - We love hearing customer feedback ~ especially when it’s as poetic as Rimona from McCloud, California speaking of her new kaleidoscope from Peggy and Steve Kittelson: 
“It’s absolutely amazingly beautiful. 
The images are so precise and delicate.
The colors and their depth incredible.
A work of high art both inside and out."

April 2018 - I just wanted to let you know that I received the kaleidoscope. You are right, it is fantastic! Absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for the prompt shipment.  G.P., Illinois

March 2018 -  Thank you so much for your quick service.  I appreciate it!  M.W., Ohio

November 2017 - I have received the beautiful scope and I love it. Thank you very much, it has been a pleasure to do business with you.