Kevin & Deborah Healy

Healy Designs | Lompoc, CA


Kevin and Deborah Healy have been designing and creating beautiful jewelry for the last 30 years. After traveling across the country from their native New York to Arizona, and then finally settling in Central California, they were inspired to recreate in their art the beauty that they had witnessed.

As jewelers, Deborah and Kevin share a fascination, perhaps an obsession, with the sparkling colors and facets of gems. When they began making kaleidoscope jewelry, their 25 years of experience in design found a new focus. Deborah says, “The swirling colors and patterns of kaleidoscopes have enabled us to add a new dimension to how our jewelry may be enjoyed. As artists, we feel fortunate to participate in the revelatory and peaceful world of kaleidoscopes.”

Their creations are gorgeous pieces of jewelry in and of themselves, but to discover for yourself how they are all working kaleidoscopes is just magical!

If you don't see the "Add to Cart" button for the item you want below, please inquire about special ordering it. Keep in mind that they are all handcrafted, and naturally take more time to create than manufactured items.