Glassblower at Work

12th Apr 2020

Charles Karadimos is an an award winning artist who has been making glass kaleidoscopes since 1980.  His traditional process includes fusing and slumping with various types of glass. In … read more

Kaleidoscope Viewing Helps Reduce Stress

19th Mar 2020

The kaleidoscope relaxes and energizes at the same time.  But whether it is soothing or exhilarating, it generates feelings and emotions that affect our attitudes and actions.  The end resul … read more

Seven Stages of Kaleidoscope Addiction

Posted by Cape Kaleidoscopes on 2nd Nov 2018

For all of the kaleido-addicts out there (and you know who you are!) we present... Seven Stages of Kaleidoscope Addiction by Judith Paul and Jan Haber (1995)  Stage 1: I haven’t seen o … read more