Kaleidoscope - Luminous by MIKIO

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Kaleidoscope - Luminous by MIKIO

MIKIO joined the Cape Kaleidoscopes family in August 2021 and we are proud to be the only retailer in the USA carrying these bright, colorful and happy kaleidoscopes!

Each Luminous kaleidoscope is an original design with an original and unique pattern.  MIKIO adds vivid neon color to the interior of an acrylic tube by flushing with an alcohol ink and then lines the interior with a silver backing paper.  The neon colors glow when illuminated with a UV light.

Luminious is available in a variety of neon color themes including multi-color, pink, blue, orange and green.  The interior is a 3 mirror system with a 9 point configuration.  Its non-turning oil cell is filled with bright and vivid beads, glass and fabrics in colors both coordinating and complementary to the artistic body design.

This handcrafted kaleidoscope is approximately 5-1/2" tall by 1-1/2" in diameter.  The multi-color version is slightly taller.