Kaleidoscope - Daisy in Iridescent Stained Glass by Sue Rioux Designs

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Kaleidoscope - Daisy in Iridescent Stained Glass by Sue Rioux Designs

Did you know that the name “daisy” comes from the term “day's eye?” This name is derived from the fact that the head of the common daisy closes at night, and re-opens in the morning.

Iridescent white glass that sparkles with a hint of soft pink, yellow and white forms the rectangular exterior of Daisy, another beautiful kaleidoscope handmade by Sue Rioux in her Kennebunkport, Maine studio.  In keeping with the Daisy theme, the interior mirror system of this scope is unique as it features a photograph of daisies against a blue background.  This creates a special interior aura of daisy flowers surrounding the kaleidoscope mandala. The photograph was taken by now retired kaleidoscope artist Carolyn Bennett who designed many of the scopes we now make here at Cape Kaleidoscopes.  

Sue adorned Daisy with a beautiful glass cabochon and two light blue glass rods on the top side of the scope body.  The entire kaleidoscope is finished with her signature patina that she adds to all her soldering, resulting in a lovely copper effect on the barrel, eyepiece end, four little feet, and other adornments.  The turning oil filled barrel contains pieces of colorful dichroic glass and beads and baubles in varying shades of white, yellow, gold and blue.  

Signed by the artist "Sue Rioux 2021 Daisy" this kaleidoscope is approximately 3" tall (on its attached footed stand) by 8-1/2" long by 4 1/2" wide.  

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