Kaleidoscope - 'Tesla Tessellation' (6 point) by Dan Land

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Tesla Tessellation Kaleidoscope - 6 Point Full Field Mandala

The key to understanding what is a Tesla Tessellation kaleidoscope, is to answer two other questions:

  • Who was Tesla?
  • What is a Tessellation?

Nikola Tesla was the inventor of the alternating current electric system. Elon Musk named his company for Tesla's electrical contributions to the world.

A Tessellation is a pattern created by repeating one or more shapes without gaps or overlaps.  Square or hexagonal floor tiles create a tessellation.  The artist Escher was famous for his tessellations.  

Tesla Tessellations are a kaleidoscope series of the common tessellations found in kaleidoscopes and are decorated on the outside using high voltage electricity (ala Tesla).  Most kaleidoscopes use a triangular mirror system.  If all the angles in the triangle are evenly divisible into 180, the image you see will be a tessellation.