Kaleidoscope - Turniton in Bubinga wood by Henry Bergeson

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Kaleidoscope - Turniton in Bubinga wood by Henry Bergeson

This is a truly spectacular kaleidoscope offering the surprise bonus of an LED light built into its base, giving the viewer a dazzling array of incredibly bright images. Simply press down on the brass-ringed oil cell at the base and there is light! The light times out automatically and uses three AAA batteries. The darkest of rooms or night will not affect its magnificent display.

Carved here in Bubinga, a dark, rich wood from West Africa (and available in Maple), in either 2-mirror or 3-mirror systems. It also features Henry's signature ergonomically correct, curved eyepiece for comfortable viewing.

This kaleidoscope measures 11" tall x 4-3/4" long x 3-1/3" widest (at its base).

This version is a 3-mirror system in Bubinga wood.

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