Teleidoscope - 'Muse-Dragonfly' by David Kalish

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Teleidoscope - 'Muse-Dragonfly' by David Kalish

David Kalish creates some of our consistently best-selling kaleidoscopes, particularly his teleidoscopes. A teleidoscope has a mirror system like a kaleidoscope, but instead of an object at the end that you manipulate in some way, it has a clear orb that turns everything it is pointed toward into a kaleidoscopic view. With a teleidoscope, the world is your image! If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive handcrafted scope, a teleidoscope is a great option because of its simplicity in design.

But David’s “Muse” and “Musette” family of teleidoscopes go one step further, in that he’s designed the eyepiece so it can be aligned with the lens of a cell phone camera or digital camera, meaning you can photograph anything or anyone you see as a kaleidoscope image.

The "Muse" is the larger version, at 4.5" long and 1" in diameter, and is available in four variations on the exterior: brushed brass, brushed nickel, black with gold accents, and black with brushed nickel accents. There is a wide variety of exterior motifs available in this teleidoscope line.