Kaleidoscope - Handcrafted in Bamboo Wood by Ben Birdsill - 'Bamboozled'

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Kaleidoscope - Handcrafted in Bamboo by Ben Birdsill - 'Bamboozled'

Ben has made a very well designed, handcrafted wooden kaleidoscope with a ball bearing turning liquid oil cell filled with brilliantly colored lamp worked and dichroic glass.  This version is made with a body of environmentally friendly sustainable bamboo wood in a barrel design with green stained ends.  Inside you'll find a 2 mirror system producing large and vibrant 7-point mandala imagery against a white background.  Unique to this kaleidoscope, Ben used a green stained glass for the third side of the mirror system creating a reflective halo effect around the central mandala.  

Measuring approximately 7-1/2" long by 2" at the eye piece end and 2-1/4" at the object cell end.  Sits approximately 3" tall on its custom wooden base.


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