Kaleidoscope - Into the Swirl in Green by Charles Karadimos 2023 LIMITED EDITION (2/7)

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Kaleidoscope - Into the Swirl in Green by Charles Karadimos 2023 LIMITED EDITION (2/7)

Introducing Into the Swirl, a new small parlor-style kaleidoscope hand-crafted with a specialty glass slumped in Charles' Damascus, Maryland glass studio.  This kaleidoscope features a tapered two-mirror system producing perfect 10-point symmetry.

The dry object cell features a fused glass panel that acts as a filter and contains all hand selected glass, also hand-crafted by Charles.

Stands 10” tall. Signed and dated by the artist.  #2 in the edition of 7 (4 blue, 3 green, 1 southwest).

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