Kaleidoscope - Kimono with Blue, Purple and Green by Yasuko Nakazato

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Kaleidoscope -  Kimono by Yasuko Nakazato 

This new handheld kaleidoscope is made by lining the inside of a glass tube with Japanese Kimono inspired silk fabrics in a variety of beautiful patterns.  This version features a colorful pattern of rich blues, purple and green. 

The non-turning oil cell is filled with colorful lampworked and dichroic glass.  The object cell and eye piece ends are completed with decorative antique brass adding to the beauty of the exterior.     

The internal 2 mirror system produces a beautiful 4 point octagon shaped mandala against a black background.  

This handcrafted Japanese Kimono inspired kaleidoscope measures approximately 5-3/4” long by 1-1/2" in diameter.