Kaleidoscope - Pino in Jade Green by Yasuko Nakazato

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Kaleidoscope - Pino in Jade Green by Yasuko Nakazato

Pino is a gorgeous new handcrafted glass kaleidoscope by Japanese artist Yasuko Nakazato

The kaleidoscope body features two round pieces of textured jade green slumped glass soldered together with a decorative silver lattice around the sides.  The shape of the kaleidoscope is reminiscent of a high end perfume bottle. 

The turning and sliding clear glass object cell is attached at the top with silver rings.  The contents include lampworked glass objects featuring shades of green, yellow, gold and blue.  A unique feature of this kaleidoscope is the ribbed glass rod used for the third mirror creating a permanent 3D 'column' extending from the center of the mandala imagery, which is then repeated in the full field view.  

The scope measures 4-1/2" wide by 1-1/2" thick and stands 5" tall.  

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