Kaleidoscope - RIN #1 by Yasuko Nakazato

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Kaleidoscope - RIN #1 by Yasuko Nakazato

RIN is a gorgeous new handheld glass kaleidoscope by Japanese artist Yasuko Nakazato introduced in the fall of 2020.

The outer glass of the kaleidoscope body features thin glass rods fused onto transparent glass, which is then shaped to have a comfortable curve of the scope body by a slumping technique. Yasuko has drawn gold, silver and transparent patterns on the reverse side offering a very elegant design. As you look through the transparent lines you'll see the internal mirror system is covered by brass plates further enhancing the beauty of this kaleidoscope. 

The rotating, oil filled glass object cell is gently bisected by a polarizing filter, with one half containing lampworked glass objects (featuring yellow, gold, green and orange) and the other half containing a polarized material, providing a rainbow effect aided by the incoming light. The combination of these interior elements and the kaleidoscope's 3-mirror system creates a variety of stunning interior 10 point images bursting with color and detail.

Yasuko uses a decorative soldering on the scope ends and the clear glass object chamber and has even added faceted gold jewels to the ends of the object cell.

The scope measures 7-1/4" long by almost 2" wide at the eyepiece end and almost 3-1/2" at the object chamber end.  

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